Laura Allen

Hi I’m Laura Allen and I suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, this is a condition that makes your hands very cold and painful.

I wear HeatBands, they are made from a special material that better utilises the bodies own heat. So they provide a natural remedy.

No drugs, no chemicals, no fuss, no bother, NO MORE COLD HANDS.

Laura Allen
Essex, England

Abby Lyall

I am a thirteen year old musician with some Raynaud’s symptoms. Recently, I have been experiencing difficulty playing certain piano pieces without wrist pain. After I began wearing Heatbands, playing these pieces became astonishingly easier, and painless! Heatbands are warm and comfortable, and they help with pain and other Raynaud’s symptoms.

Abby Lyall
Ohio, USA

Kathy Van Wyhe

Thank-you so much for your product. I bought these for my daughter who runs on a cross country/track team in college. She recently told me that she LOVES her heatbands. I am looking forward to the ankle bands because she also has problems with her feet and toes.

Finally something that helps her!


Kathy Van Wyhe
Tennessee, USA

Brian Thomson


My partner has Raynauds and she uses “Heatbands”, Heatbands what a difference they have made to her on a daily basis. I’m a keen sailor and I was wondered how effective they would be at Sea.

Recently I delivered a yacht from Largs to Oban, which was a 3 days trip and as such would be a good time to test the bands. The weather was typical West of Scotland … cold, wet and windy. I had 2 crew with me who normally wore gloves, I however had decided to forego wearing gloves for the 3 days and see how effective the bands were ……….

It was nothing less then amazing… It didn’t take long for the guys to start complaining of the cold and wet even with gloves on…………….. Whilst I was as toasty as could be !!

On the second day of the trip, everyone had discarded their gloves for Heatbands …. Three converts here !! The great thing about wearing the bands when sailing, is that is enables you to have a better grip rather then wearing bulky gloves, whilst keeping you exceptional warm

They have been a great success and makes life at sea so much better

Thank you very much for supplying me with “Heatbands” ……… They will be a new order for this season

Kind Regards

Brian Thomson
Largs, Scotland

Pam Clarke

I am a new customer to heatbands & would like to say how fantastic they are – I have suffered with Raynauds for 30 years and some times the pain is that bad I cry because of it , I have been using heatbands about 3 weeks & my fingers have only gone dead a couple of times & then only to the first joint on one or 2 fingers ( normally it is all my fingers all the way down ) . Today I de- iced my car ( with gloves on ) & my hands did not go dead at all – this is a first & must be because of the heat bands. I am warmer , happier & not in pain which is fantastic . I would love to sample the new fastener as per the news letter but I buy the pink ones as they go well with most clothes but a sample would be great,
many thanks again for a fantastic invention ( in the past I have tried tablets from the Drs – made me feel ill , thermal hand rub – smelt awful , heated gloves – very bulky & hand warmers – no use once hands are dead )
regards Pam

Pam Clarke
Manchester, England

Julia Annells

Dear Leslie
I discovered Heatbands on an internet search for Raynauds disease which I suffer from.
The disease progressed rapidly after having chemo for breast cancer 12 months ago and causes enormous discomfort and intense pain in my hands to the degree that I have had to wear gloves 24 hours per day even latex gloves whilst showering.
Cold days are an absolute nightmare.
Heatbands have afforded me a great deal of relief and it is quite unbelievable the heat they infuse in your hands. This is markedly obvious when I take them off at night (they are too warm to wear in bed) the rush of cold that goes into my hands is unbelievable.
I have worn them daily summer included since discovering them.
Hope this helps with your advertising and promotion and might even get me a free set of your wonderful heatbands.

Julia Annells
Hobart Australia

Ralene Salt

Just a little bit on how I feel about heatbands.
No more tears, no more frozen finger tips. Warm fingers, lots of smiles.
For months I have been suffering with Raynaud’s, and then found out about Heatbands, they have become my BEST FRIENDS, even my RA does not seem so painful.

I would suggest to anyone suffering from cold fingers and hands give heatbands a try, you will never be cold and painful again.
Thank you Leslie for the support and advice you have given me.

Ralene Salt
Portsmouth, England

Adam Kenyon

Hello Leslie
I thought I would give you a shout after a great weekend.
Firstly my daughter and I may have been selected to shoot for Kent, but more importantly because the day was rather cold I took a few of the heatbands
I had left over to the shoot and 6 different archers tried them out.
ALL said how great they were and should be in contact with you over the next week or so.
Here’s hoping. If you don’t hear anything please give me another shout as I will chase them up from this end.
Yours in Archery

Adam Kenyon
Crown Archers , Kent, England.

Barry Jenkins

I have found the Heatbands extremely worthwhile wearing.
I have been an arthritis sufferer for well over thirty years and in the last ten years my raynauds’ has got progressively worse, to the point that I often loose complete feeling in my fingers, especially when swimming.
But since wearing the Heat Bands the improvement has been tremendous and recently when I was swimming ( water was 14.9 degrees) I could not believe the difference they made when worn under my wet suit.
Thoroughly recommended..”

Barry Jenkins
Jersey Channel Islands

Michael Klausman

Good morning to all,
There are countless stories of miracle cures and re-vitalized lives and activities due to some surgical procedure or pharmaceutical breakthrough.
Heatbands have done that for me.
Since using Heatbands I have new mobility and a lack of prior discomfort and pain that was present with every waking hour. My assumption is that my sleep was affected as well and you and your product are to thank for this diminution of pain and discomfort.
Thank you very much, ..”

Michael Klausman
New York USA

Senora Drones

Thank you so much for the prompt response. My son will be very happy to know that his heatbands are on the way. :-)
Preston is a mail carrier for the United States Post Service in Minnesota. I ordered heatbands for him, a few weeks back, to try. They arrived during sub-zero temperatures. After only 2 days of use, he was so pleased with the results that he was letting other postal workers try them. He also gave a few to the building safety officer who is looking into getting them approved for bulk ordering by the Postal Service.
Needless to say, his “30 day” supply is just about out.
Thanks for the great product!

Senora Drones
Minnesota USA

LeeAnne Davis

I want to thank you for this great product. My 10 year old suffers from systemic scleroderma and raynauds. I ordered the heatbands hoping they would help her. We live in New England and the winters get cold. I cannot believe the difference, she wears them everyday and her hands stay warm. I am so happy to see her hands are a normal color, usually they are purple. I have told many people about the heatbands, I have talked about them on the scleroderma support site. Thank you again for this wonderful product and making my daughters condition a little more tolerable.

LeeAnne Davis
Massachusetts USA

“HeatBandsT are the best thing since sliced bread!!!
My Mum has suffered with cold hands for years, she has Raynaud’s disease and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Her fingers used to go completely white and were very painful, she uses a wheeled walker and was sometimes unable to hold it. Trying to use the key to get into her flat had her in tears because she didn’t have any feeling in her fingers.
Thanks to the HeatBands these problems are now a thing of the past!!!!!
No more cold hands, she is so pleased with her HeatBandsT. Thank you for such a wonderful invention.

Marion Raphael
United Kingdom

Hi Leslie
Thank you so much for the heat bands. We have used them and they were a great success.
The baby wasn’t too sure about keeping them on at first but soon got used to them.
The results were almost immediate it was amazing, his little hands and feet felt warmer than they have ever been and the colour of his skin was normal.
I would certainly recommend these heat bands and if you ever need me for a reference I would be more than willing to do this.
Thanks again

Shirley Harris
Berkshire England

HeatBandsT are extremely easy to use. You just put them on and forget about them.
My father has to use medication which results in poor circulation, and he also works outside as a gardener.
He says that he has noticed a considerable difference using the HeatBandsT. I had originally ordered heated gloves which were very bulky and he obviously couldn’t use them at his work.
He is very pleased that I discovered these.

Susan Cambell
Morayshire United Kingdom

Just a little note to let you know that Georgia is getting on really well with the HeatBandsT and at her hospital appointment the doctors were really impressed with them…. it looks as though the HeatBandsT may well be the way forward at the moment for her.

Mrs Rebecca Brown
Derbyshire United Kingdom

Dear Sirs,
I would just like to let you know how much I love these heatbands.
I work in a grocery store and am responsible for changing the prices. I am required to work in the frozen and dairy departments upon occasion and the heatbands make my job possible.
I have Raynaud’s Syndrome and have found that the heatbands have improved my comfort level to a point that I can continue to work and not be miserable.
Thank you,

Suzanne M. Reil
Florida USA

The HeatBandsT work really well. ……thank you very much for a wonderful product.

Groeber United Kingdom

I have a 31 year old daughter who has just recently been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease.
Since my daughter is a nurse, she was able to talk with several doctors who suggested that she use the HeatBandsT since her hands are affected by “cold” conditions.

Toni Hamlin
Los Angeles United States

Hi Leslie,
She only started wearing these bands at week-end, and when I spoke to her last night she has already noticed a difference and is very positive that they are helping her, so it looks like you will have a regular very satisfied customer.
Kind Regards

Cath Holden
Manchester United Kingdom

I was extremely sceptical about the claims for heatbands. However, anything was worth a try.
I work in a small office within a large shop which also has a mechanic’s workshop at the rear. hence doors always opening and shutting and heat escaping rapidly.
I do suffer from poor circulation and have invested in sheepskin boots for my feet! the problem was how to stay in a job I like – I couldn’t really use gloves.
Yes – heatbands do work!
My fingers still get a little cold in freezing weather conditions but not so alarmingly that I cannot keep working or feel really miserable! I would certainly recommend them.
Thanks very much.

Marilyn Tuson
Enfield United Kingdom

I have suffered from Raynaud’s disease for as long as I can remember.
Hand warmers did not work that well.
Also it was not practical if I needed to write while outdoors in the cold.
HeatbandsT has been a godsend, I no longer have to wear gloves.

Mary Foulkes
London United Kingdom

I tried the HeatBands on a group of clients.
Only one felt no response, but she has severe Raynaud’s and went skiing in weather of minus 15 degrees!
Two others with Raynaud’s found the bands helpful.
I also tried the bands on clients with other injuries, both repetitive strain and traumatic, who reported impaired circulation and coldness in the hands.
All felt some degree of relief. I would be happy to give the heatbands a positive review on my website.

Marji Hajic
OTR/L, CHT (Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist) Hand Health Resources USA

My wife has ovarian cancer, has received 4 bouts of chemo over the last 3 years.
She has lost a lot of feeling in her fingers and feet …….she has only been using the bands a couple of weeks, they help, her hands aren’t as cold.
She still resorts to wearing gloves inside when she can.
The bands are a big help when she is doing tasks make wearing the gloves impractical.

Ted J. Drott
Los Angeles United States

Prior to the use of your HeatBands I was having continuous discomfort with my finger tips…always cold & discoloured to a ‘real” whiteness.
Since using the HeatBands on both wrists this condition has greatly subsided.
Condition much more tolerable.

Magaret Pascuzzi
Kentucky USA

Dear Heatbands, thank you for your Newsletter.
My husband bought the HeatbandsT as he was seriously thinking of giving up his golf because in the cold weather the two middle fingers of both hands would turn white and feel dead.
We are absolutely thrilled that HeatbandsT have cured this condition, and will recommend them to all of our friends.
I will be very interested to know when you have developed the ankle bands as my elderly mother suffers from cold feet. Thank you.

Anne C. Shutt
Shropshire United Kingdom

Yes, I was very pleased and surprised that they actually work and I can tell the difference when I don’t wear them which now is not often.

Carol Hubbard
Dallas, Texas

Working outside and off-shore in freezing weather 24/7.
Engineer whose hands were constantly blue and numb had immense relief from those symptoms when using the wrist HeatbandsT..
Many thanks.

Gillian Nicholson
Cornwall England

My son is ten and plays rugby but always finds it very painful once the bad weather is upon us and has left the pitch in tears on many occasion.
Having tried heatbands he no longer seems bothered by the cold and wet!
I also suffer with cold extremities and have found the bands make watching him play much more enjoyable. .
Thanks .

Richard Underwood
United Kingdom

Just want to pass along the comment that this product works great.

Karrie Lawlor
Peoria, AZ United States

Hi Richard, I wonder if you have ever tried something called Heat Bands
They are designed to be worn on the wrists to help prevent the symptoms of Raynauds Phenomenon.
I bought some to wear when I play tennis because from Autumn onwards, when outside my hands immediately become so cold (even sometimes indoors) that my fingers go white and I can’t feel them and then they’re pretty useless.
Anyhow these heatbands I bought work a treat for me.
They’re just thin paper/plastic sheets that wrap round my wrist and they stick together. There is reflective material within them which encourages blood flow through my wrist into my hands. I can’t see why they would not work for ankles too.
You can read about them on www.heatbands.com
All my tennis mates are flabbergasted when we shake hands these days because my hands are so warm!
By the way, I have no interest whatever in the heat bands company – just thought you might be interested – one fellow cold extremities sufferer to another! .”
Kind regards

Customer Service at Simply Scuba

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased my mother-in-law is with the heatbands that I purchased from you.
She had been diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome and constantly had painfully cold hands, even when the weather was not too cold. She found her manual dexterity had decreased and was finding it difficult to drive, work in the garden, and even type (she is an office manager, so this was particularly a problem).
I had originally thought about buying her some heated gloves, but found your product when I ‘googled’ raynauds syndrome and could immediately see how much more beneficial heatbands would be, as she could wear them all the time and they would not restrict the movement in her hands. .
She was initially sceptical about them, but since trying them she would now not be without them!
She no longer gets indentations in her hands where they are so cold, and is delighted that she has not had to wear gloves for driving since she had these.
The pain she was suffering from in her fingers has gone, and she is back enjoying her allotment
She often forgets that she is wearing them, but soon remembers if she has not put a new pair on.
Her only complaints are that you can’t use them for your feet, and she’d like them in a nice soft blue!
Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Yours sincerely

Rachel Hedges
Hampshire United Kingdom

I neglected to let you know that the Heatbands arrived over a week ago (very quickly).
Thank you! These things are really wonderful! I will be in touch again when it is time to order more.
Best wishes and many thanks!

Bonnie and Matthew Fernandez

Leslie, Many thanks for your speedy response.
I would also like to say that since my 14 year old son has started using your heatbands he has not suffered any severe attack.
His hands do get cold but nowhere near the same severity as before.
He is a boy that is very sporty and always outdoors, in all weather – this has taken away his discomfort and my worry.
Many Thanks

Linda Castello
Kent, United Kingdom

Dear Sirs,
Shortly before Christmas I obtained some heatbands for an Aunt who suffered from cold hands and she is amazed by the difference they have made to her, truly wonderful, and I ordered her a further supply yesterday.
Kind Regards .

Gill Beaugeard
Jersey Channel Isles

Dear Leslie
just to let you know that my heat bands arrived today .. thank you so much for sorting that out for me. i really appreciate it. have worn them all day and have noticed a difference for sure.
Thank you again

Gill Bleasdale
Sutherland United Kingdom

Just received a packet, probably the second one you sent as a guess, anyhow thanks very much.
Your Heatbands work very well & has made a big difference to me.

Robin Jeffries
Victoria Australia

Hi-I recently ordered heatbands from you and can’t remember how much 100 bands cost. .
My husband said they really work and I am sooooooooooo happy since he has three fingers which are partially amputated and get really cold in the winter. .
This is the first thing that has ever worked.
Thank you soooooooo much!!! Let me know the price again. ..”

Debra Orlean
Oregon United States

I thought I would let you know that I purchased the HeatBandsT for my son. .
He is a runner and suffers badly with hand circulation after a few miles.
He is now using the HeatBandsT, and although his hands still get very cold they are not painful and return to normal temperature much quicker without the pain which can be associated with it.

Yvonne Barber
Leicestershire England

My daughter suffers Raynauds Syndrome and suffers badly in the cold weather.
HeatBandsT did in fact help…… I would recommend them to someone with cold hands in an indoor climate.

Lynne Humphrys
Tyne & Wear United Kingdom

As I was reading over the testimonials of people who are also suffering with the cold in their toes.
I must share this bit of information with you that Cayenne pepper poured into the ends of my socks does wonders for my toes.
I do this everyday during the cold months. I also thought that this might be a help to you in your research. It does work. .
I will also be ordering more heatbands for myself as they also help.
I have a pair on right now.
Thanks for all you are doing to help those of us who have Raynaud’s and other problems with our fingers.

Carolyn Robinson
Texas USA

I don’t have Reynauds syndrome but decided to try the HeatBands when I ski. .
I have leather mittens and put 2 heat warmers in each mitten but my hands still get extremely cold.
I thought the HeatBandsT would also help. .
My hands do not get warm but I believe the circulation is better with the bands around my wrists.

Marilyn Carmody
Colorado United States