About HeatBands

heatbands-mouse-smlThe principals of HeatBands” Ltd have an interest and considerable experience in the prevention and treatment of Hypothermia, pre-and postoperative hypothermia in surgical patients and in-patient warming generally.

For the past 17 years the principals have developed a range of products designed to prevent the onset of hypothermia and to maintain patient thermo-regulation. The products generally are used by the medical profession and are not so readily available to the general public.

Some time ago we were approached by Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews who asked if our products could be used to benefit her patients a large number of who suffered with very cold hands. Discovering that a member of the principles direct family was diagnosed as suffering from primary Raynauds phenomenon and that so many people suffer from cold hands which in cooler climate conditions cause them great pain and discomfort. The principals set out to see if the knowledge learnt over the last few years could be used to develop a simple product that could bring sufferers some relief.

There are a variety of products on the market freely available to those diagnosed with Raynauds phenomenon and others who suffer from the symptoms of the syndrome. These products range from fur mittens to gloves and to more sophisticated methods of hand and body warming including chemical based heat pads battery operated heat pads and microwave heated pads amongst others.

Most products are either cumbersome such as gloves or mittens or heavy and difficult to apply like chemical pads or inconvenient such as warming by microwave. This may be why we have a situation where there are lots of products available to bring benefit yet sufferers still complain of having cold hands.

The wrists neck and ankles are areas where blood vessels are very close to the skin surface and it has been found that covering these areas greatly assists in maintaining warmth. We decided that if we used a material that not only prevented heat loss but also radiated heat back to the user whilst absorbing any moisture present it could raise the temperature of that area which would assist blood flow and circulation.

We enlisted the help of Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews and our family member to act as guinea pig and set out to find suitable materials that could provide the benefit whilst remaining light comfortable and discreet.
During the period of research HeatBands” Limited was formed and the Directors tested a range of materials utilising technology they had developed to maintain patients temperature during major surgical procedures this material forms the basis of HeatBands”.

Trials using HeatBands” on the wrists of cold hand sufferers have shown a remarkable difference in temperature of the hands and fingers. Users also register a note of the lightness and ease of use to the extent of forgetting they are even wearing them.

HeatBands” Limited is an independent company dedicated to directly serve the public with an ethical effective uncomplicated product that is guaranteed not to cause harm and designed specifically to provide some relief from the problem of cold hands.