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Welcome to Heatbands™ Hand Warmers, for cold hand sufferers everywhere especially those with Raynaud's and those engaged in sports.........HeatBands™ Hand Warmers promotes a healthy flow of warm blood to the hands and fingers which stops THE COLD, stops THE PAIN and keeps you more able to do things.......

Raynaud's HeatBands for no more cold hands Hi I'm Laura Allen and I suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome, this is a condition that makes your hands very cold and painful.

I wear HeatBands they are made from a special material that better utilises the body's own heat. So they provide a natural remedy.

No drugs, no chemicals, no fuss, no bother, NO MORE COLD HANDS.

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Raynuad's HeatBands 60 pack
Raynaud's HeatBands web order pack we deliver heatbands worldwide
Heatbands are suitable for all ages
Warm my cold hands with HeatBands

HeatBands™ can help to keep your hands warm all day every day particularly when wearing gloves or mittens is impractical. Heatbands™ require no activation warming or chemical action they are a natural remedy for cold hands.
If you fear the cold, the touch of ice drinks, air conditioned rooms, freezers, cold breezes try this simple attractive and practical way of keeping your hands warmer, try..... HeatBands™ ORDER NOW

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